Minstrel of the dwan

Sometimes you're playing with the summer-wind
Never being afraid of the creep
But if you will get tired when the night closes in
Come home and try to sleep
Or I'm sure you'll weep

Looking to the moon in your face gleams the peace
While you're holding back a yawn
Dream in your room and enjoy the ease
Feel that you're more than a pawn
My minstrel of the dawn

Guy be sure it's only a pace
To get lost in the maze
Feel that your dream tells the truth
So stay and make no move
To save your youth

You're whistling happy sounds and count the raindrops fall
Imagine you're the lord of their clouds
Listen to the birds and hear them call
Notice the colors of flowers
Precious hours

Guy be sure it's only a pace ...

Moving through the time spreading hopeful words
Believers say you're talking for fate
When memories try to show early hurts
Tell me why you're never too late
And without hate

Guy be sure it's only a pace ...

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