Mary wore mourning
It had shocked her so
She stared out of the window
Her father died some days ago

Thoughts were revolving in her head
Was there no one who could bring him back
All this made her mad

Mary was thirteen
A poor and helpless child
Lying on her bed
She was counting all the tears she'd cried

Bridge I:
Daddy was so far apart
But he'd always be alive in her heart
To offer shelter in the dark

She thought becoming immune
Was not her doom
It was so cold inside
In spite of joy and pride
There was nowhere to hide

Mary tried to cope with it
And told about the accident
It was caused by a race of others
Her father died innocent

Bridge II:
But there was no one Mary had to blame
She knew things would never be the same
And for her that was the main

She thought becoming immune ...

Mary put the past behind
Knowing the lord there on the other side

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