Solitude (freestyle mix)

Listening to the raindrops talking
Silently they're knocking at my windowpane
Is this all that's meant for me
Maybe to watch the way they're trickling
Makes me forget the daily pain
As I'm lost in tranquility

In my room I try to leave this all behind
Taking your pictures from the wall
Youíre no longer part within it all
Iím understanding

Solitude is an infirmity that makes me feel the need
To hear a word from you without which I couldn't eat
I know I have to wait though my heart is unable to beat
Until we meet

Don't you know how much I miss you
Day by day it's getting harder to bear
Please recall the times we shared
Though I know that I've to change myself
Ignoring my words can't be fair
And what about the life prepared

In my room Ö

Solitude is an infirmity ...

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