Susan looked for harmony
But it was just her personality
Linked with vanity
That brought her loneliness
She wasn't easy of access
Addicted to success
Susan couldn't believe
That she could come to grief

Don't hide
Ignore them with a proud delight
She thought
Remembering all the fights she fought
As that's the key
To a life of love and harmony
And to set herself free

Susan called the ambulance
For victim of the circumstance
That she used self-defense
Just to react
To the force of the act
Longing for respect
There was a rumor in the air
And nothing to repair

Don't hide ...

Do I really need this daily war
Susan asked herself before she swore
That she would start to restore
She enabled a base
Disappeared without a trace
To an unknown place
For a second start
Living apart

Don't hide ...